Botany/Zoology/Forest and Wildlife Ecology 460: General Ecology – This course explores the science of ecology, including factors that control the distribution of species, population dynamics of organisms, structure and function of biological communities, ecosystem functioning, and environmental responses to human-induced change. The course integrates topics across lecture, lab, and discussion components. Labs include student-driven research projects. I teach this course every fall.

Biology/Botany/Zoology 152: Introductory Biology – This course is part of the introductory biology sequence for majors. I teach this course in some spring semesters.

Zoology 956: Graduate Seminars – I teach a topical graduate seminar in some spring semesters. I have offered Functional Trait Ecology; A Science Communication Workshop for Ecologists; The Ecology of Fragmented Landscapes; Race, Gender, and Science; Experiments in Restoration Ecology in previous years.