We are looking to hire undergraduate researchers this summer for several projects. Some of these may have the opportunity to continue work in the 2019-2020 academic year. Click on links for more information:

Plant Ecology Research Technician in Madison, WI – Impacts of habitat loss and fragmentation, fire, and climate change on plant communities and the effectiveness of conservation and restoration activities. Lab and field components near Madison. Plant identification skills are needed and can be developed. More information and application info is here.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) position on winter climate change in Madison, WI. This position will allow an undergraduate to develop their own research project and gain research skills by working within the scope of our recently funded NSF project on the interaction between disturbance regimes and winter climate change. More information and application info here.

Impact of restoration management and landscape context on Monarchs in Madison, WI – How do local and landscape-level characteristics influence milkweed densities and monarchs? Daily surveys of 1-2 prairie/grassland sites per day for monarchs, milkweed, and blooming plants. This is a collaboration with Claudio Gratton’s lab in Entomology at UW-Madison. Contact Stephanie McFarlane in the Damschen Lab with questions. Apply for this position here.

Longleaf pine vegetation technician positions at the Savannah River Site, SC. Work in a large-scale experiment testing how the restoration of the longleaf pine ecosystem impacts vegetation. Will include lab and field components, including conducting a survey of diverse ground cover plant species across many experimental plots. More information and application info here.